Email Extractor

Have you ever needed to parse an text to get a list of email addresses?  Maybe recent users need to be notified of a change and their email information is in an unstructured log file?  Maybe marketing handed you a text dump and you need real emails for their campaign?

Regardless of your project, you have a choice: you can spend time writing your own parsing scripts or, now, you can use MxToolbox…

Introducing our Email Extraction tool!


Located on our “More” Tools page, Email Extraction can save you time and energy when you need a list of email addresses, or domains quickly from unstructured text.

How does it work?


Pasting an email from a recent email campaign.

Email Extraction takes any text (in the case below I’ve used a recent email campaign) and automatically parses out the emails.  You have several options on how you would like the output:

  • Omit Duplicates – Consolidates all duplicate email addresses into one entry
  • Hide Counts – Removes the Count column (see image below)
  • Sort Emails – Sorts the email addresses in the order in which they appear in the text
  • Only Domain – Trims the list to only the domains of the email addresses.

Results of the Email Extractor

Let us know how you like it!

DNS Batch Tool

Have you ever needed to lookup DNS on a large list of IPs?  How about parsing a security log to see where a potential threat is coming from?  Combing through the log and getting the full list of IPs can be tedious and tiresome.  And, then you still have to run the DNS checks one-by-one or write a script to do it for you.

Or, you could come to MxToolbox where we have all the cool tools…

That’s right, we’ve launched a DNS Batch Lookup Tool that does all that for you.  Available to all MxToolbox Professional users, DNS Batch Tool eliminates the time-consuming work of parsing text for IP addresses and repetitive DNS lookups.

You can find it on the main menu of the MxToolbox Professional interface* along with our premium monitors like DNS Zone Protect and MailFlow Monitoring.


DNS Batch Tool provides takes simple text as the main input.


As, you can see below, I’ve copied an entire email into the tool so I can see lookup routing information for my most recent campaign.  I could also use security logs or a pre-generated list of IP addresses.


DNS Batch Tool parses the text file and automatically extracts all the IP addresses.



Processing these IP addresses yields reverse host name, country, region and city information, AS number and AS name.



Note: you must be a paid user to access MxToolbox Professional.

Random Password Generator

Websites, servers, systems and pc’s all require passwords.  Most people reuse the same password without thought, but that’s not a good practice in this day of data breaches.  To prevent easy hacks, most sites require passwords fit a certain schema: capital letters, special characters, numbers, etc.  Some require a longer passwords to make a cracking a password more difficult.  Creating these can be difficult as can remembering a password you created on the spur of the moment.

Password Generator

Fortunately, MxToolbox has created a handy random password generator that enables you to create passwords that meet three different levels of security:

  • Easy to Remember – Creates passwords 8 characters long in a standard schema with a capital Letter, lower case letters and 2 numbers.  These passwords alternate consonants and vowels to make them easier to remember.
  • Stronger – Creates slightly longer passwords (10 characters) with a capital letter, special characters and numbers.
  • Very Strong – Passwords in this category are 14 characters long and use multiple capital letters, numbers and special characters in a truly random configuration.

Don’t like the 5 options we provide?  Click the “Generate More” button until you find a password you like.  Now that you can quickly generate a strong password, you just need a way to remember it!


How do I test my DNS resolution?

DNS setup and resolution is important for your on-going business.  Without properly configured DNS, your customers cannot find you online.  It’s a pretty common story: You setup a new server and configure the DNS and you can see it on your network, but can anyone else get to your server?   Everything isn’t setup and running until you check DNS resolution with an external 3rd party.

Free Tools

Fortunately, MxToolbox provides free tools that allow you to check your DNS resolution externally, so you can verify what your customers see.

Our DNS Lookup tool will return all the authoritative A records for a domain.  This is useful to ensure basic DNS configuration.

Our SuperTool contains a number of useful DNS lookups.  Most often our users check on DNS records for mail like MX, SPF, DMARC, and DKIM.  However, we support the most common DNS lookups, including A, AAAA (for IPv6), PTR, SOA, TXT, LOC and others.supertool

SuperTool also includes a lookup (DNS:) for all the name servers authoritative to your domain so you can see them all at-a-glance.  This lookup includes an analysis of the name server configuration compared to relevant RFCs.dnslookup

MxToolbox Premium Services

A la carte, DNS monitoring with MxWatch Monitoring packages.

Starting at $20/month, you can setup custom DNS monitors for your systems and domains.  These monitors alert you immediately if a record changes or servers fail to respond.  Learn More.

Turn-key DNS monitoring with Domain Health Monitoring.

Domain Health analyzes your domain’s configuration and automatically creates the appropriate DNS, SMTP, and HTTP monitors for your domain.  You get one free Domain Health Monitor with an MxWatch Monitoring package.  Learn More

Comprehensive DNS Change Management and Security Monitoring with DNS Zone Protect.

Our latest product constantly scans  the entire DNS setup for your domain and alerts you when any change is made.  Unlike traditional DNS monitors, DNS Zone Protect can detect the addition of new subdomains that could be the start of a Domain Shadow attack.  Learn More.

Reputation Lookup

Your domain’s reputation has become increasingly important to email deliverability, website accessibility, brand reputation and overall business performance.  No business can afford to ignore their domain’s online reputation.  Many companies, like Google and PhishTank, publish APIs to their online reputation databases, enabling businesses to check their online status or check the status of a website before accessing it.  However, researching and monitoring all these sites creates a lot of work.

Brand Reputation - Bad

A typical example of a domain with a poor online reputation.

Brand Reputation - Good

An example of a website with a good online reputation.

Fortunately, Mxtoolbox can help!  Our new Reputation Lookup tool provides you with a consolidated view of your domain’s online reputation.  On first release, our one-stop Reputation Lookup checks Google and PhishTank.  As we discover new reputation databases, these will be added to increase your insight into your online reputation.  Check out your domain in our tool!

Did DNS Propagate?

If you have multiple DNS servers, one of your biggest concerns is probably the propagation of changes across your pool of servers.  Once you make a change, add a record or remove a record is that record getting updated on all your servers?  Are you serving up the same records or is one server out of sync?   Are your registrar’s servers syncing your changes?

MxToolbox's DNS Propagation tool, available in Classic and Professional interfaces

MxToolbox’s DNS Propagation tool, available in Classic and Professional interfaces

MxToolbox is happy to announce our new DNS Propagation tool.  Our tool checks all of your DNS servers simultaneously when you lookup a record, compares the Start of Authority record to all servers and highlights the server(s) that are different.  In one lookup, you can view the propagation of your records across your entire DNS pool.


A well-timed search for’s A record shows them in the process of propagation across servers.

Are your emails deliverable?

One of the biggest concerns in email marketing and online commerce is the deliverability of email.  Can you do business if the email server at your target customers refuses to accept your email?

There are many types of email deliverability rankings, some focus on marketing deliverability to specific customers, bulk email services or even online management of email reputation.  MxToolbox focuses on the fundamental questions of email function:

  • Are your email headers properly formed?
  • Is SPF configured properly?
  • Is DKIM configured?  And, what is the signature?
  • What’s the round trip processing time and for each hop in the email?

Our new Email Deliverability analysis tool provides insight into your email configuration which will help you ensure email delivery to your customers, prospects and business partners.

Email Deliverability Report

An example MxToolbox email deliverability report.

Looking Up ASN

Autonomous System Numbers or ASNs are provided by Internet registries to Internet Service Providers as a unique identifier of their network.  ISPs may have multiple networks and therefore multiple ASNs, one for each non-contiguous subnet, which may get confusing for network managers or customers, as you can see in this example below.  ASNs are also used to configure Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) between two networks or between two subnets.

ASN Lookup Example

Level 3 Communications owns multiple ASNs. With our tool, it’s easy to find the appropriate one for your project.

MxToolbox has developed an ASN Lookup Tool that takes an ISPs name and returns the ASNs they own. In addition, the tool can accept an ASN and return the name of the owner.  This tool can be useful for network managers working with large ISPs or trying to determine ownership of a particular ASN or attempting to setup BGP.


More threats to DNS

As reported by Cisco, Domain Shadowing attacks have risen more that 4x in the last year.  This is a disturbing trend, that concerns all businesses, whether small, medium or large.  DNS Shadowing attacks utilize a business’s reputation to acquire access to important personal or financial information typically by leveraging a subdomain of the business.  For example, an attacker with access to your DNS configuration can setup an subdomain and route your customers to a website with your look, feel and branding.  From there, your customers will be prompted to login, and expose their credentials and personal information.

This type of threat even affects government agencies, as recently seen with the St. Louis Federal Reserve.  Attackers gained access to the DNS servers and added a subdomain on a foreign server where they gathered login credentials from researchers.   While gathering researchers credentials may not seem frightening, there is potential that these credentials could have been leveraged to access more financially relevant systems.

Incidents like these highlight the need for multi-layered threat protection that protects your servers and your reputation across multiple technologies and externally monitors threats.  At MxToolbox, we offer comprehensive monitoring solutions, like DNS Zone Protect, to help protect our customers from new and emerging threats. DNS Zone Protect gives you peace of mind knowing that changes to your DNS are being externally monitored by MxToolbox.

Did your DNS change last night?

As your company grows, so does access to your DNS.  Often multiple groups can make changes to DNS: Development, IT Operations, Marketing and even consultants.  Keeping track of who has access and what changes were made or were not made can be a difficult, but important exercise. Servers on subdomains left publicly visible long after the project is over can be used for exploitation by attackers.  Or, someone could inadvertently tell the world about a new product by setting up the subdomain early.  Finally, there is real risk in someone making an unauthorized change to DNS that shuts down critical systems.  Monitoring your DNS for changes is a business-critical task.

MxToolbox recently launched DNS Zone Protect, a monitoring solution for all your DNS, that gives you immediate warning when any change is made to your DNS.  With DNS Zone Protect, you get peace of mind knowing that changes to your DNS are being externally monitored by MxToolbox.